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The dares I've left so far:

To build upon the "include a penguin where a penguin just would not be" dare:
Bonus points if someone accuses said penguin of plotting world domination.
Double bonus if the accusor is your main character.
Triple bonus if the penguin is just a regular penguin, not a talking penguin or anything of that sort, and as such is incapable of plotting much of anything.

Have Character A explain something to Character B. It can be as simple or as complicated as you want, doesn't matter. Character B gets confused and employs the old classic "It's all Greek to me." Character A then begins to explain it all over again, this time in actual Greek.
Bonus points if Character A's Greek-speaking abilities are never mentioned again before or after this scene.
Double bonus if it's mentioned in passing that Character A cannot, in fact, speak Greek, but manages to translate the explanation entirely right anyway.

Include the following exchange (taken from my science class):
Character A: Isn't Character B sweet?
Character C: I wouldn't know. I don't eat Character B.
Bonus if Character C was completely uninvolved in the scene up until that point.

Have two characters get into a heated theological debate over whether sheep do in fact go to heaven, and if so, do goats really go to hell? Bonus if this is a major plot point. Double bonus and my eternal love if it's the main conflict between your main character and your villain.

Inspired by a guy in my College Writing class:
Have a male character say, "I have Midol," in response to a female character's time-of-the-month grumblings.
Bonus if he actually does have Midol, and offers it to said female character.
Double bonus if you can come up with a legitimate reason as to why this male character would carry Midol around with him.

The many dares I'll be attempting:Collapse )
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Stone Temple Pilots - "Hollywood Bitch"
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